Rules & Regulation

i) A student admitted in Mohammad Minority College of Education should maintain an ethos of commitment to a professional Programmed.

ii) He/She is expected to achieve all the good manners and maintain those strictly.

iii) According to the West Bengal Board of Primary Education(WBBPE) and NCTE the trainees must attend 75% classes or he/she will be friend for least attendance.

iv) The trainees must  attend all the practice teaching classes. No excuses without serious issues will be granted.

v) A trainee must also present in all college functions.

vi) Prion permission is required from the principal for any holiday.

vii) Every student is expected to make the best use of the college library.

viii) Every student is told to take the preliminary computer course class.

ix) There will be some class tests and two semester exams. Trainee must have to sit all of them.

x) Our college strictly maintain the anti-ragging rule. So any incidents related to ragging, tearing or violence must not be tolerated.